What sets HF Family Law apart from other options?​

  • ​A completely customized approach to your case, your goals and your personality.  We work exclusively for you and toward your goals.  We bend over backwards to achieve your result.  Your goals are our goals and nothing else.  You are not going to end up involved in more litigation than you want to be or pressured into a settlement you are not ready for or satisfied with.  Even though we have been doing this a long time – and we adjust to you.  You are a busy school teacher – we will have our meetings exclusively in the late afternoon so you don’t miss work.  You are a professional financial planner – we’re going to have you do as much of your own financial preparations as possible (unless it overwhelms you and we’ll take care of it).  You are completely overwhelmed by the very idea of seeing a divorce lawyer – well that’s our specialty and we’ll walk you through each step.

  • We are an empathetic group.  We know this is many peoples first and only time being involved in litigation and it involves the people and things that mean the most to them.  We never forget the trust you put in us and respect your time, your emotions, your money, and your family.

  • A broad range of experience and expertise.  Our founding principal, Monica, started her career representing the indigent and abused and moved on to representing the wealthiest citizens and celebrities in Georgia and everyone in between.  Monica knows how to handle the special issues involved with a parent or child with a  disability and government benefits and she also knows what to do if your wealth is spread into off shore accounts, family trusts, and closely held businesses.  Monica has ensured confidentiality within the divorce process for celebrity and radio contracts, preserved stock options for companies about to go public, and more.  While we treat you like family, we have the expertise for the most complex financial cases to be handled with ease.

  • You may think you want a shark – but the reality is the great majority of cases settle and you spend a lot more time with your divorce lawyer than you do with your exes’ lawyer.  The shark you hire to make your ex miserable may very well make you miserable.  Now this isn’t to say we are not experienced trial attorneys, but we appreciate we aren't suing an insurance company or the government, we are dealing in litigation within a family.  A family that will exist in a new form when we are done, and we keep our “shark” tendencies in check.

  • Don’t underestimate this one – we LOVE what we do.  As in love every minute of this process.  Many ask if this kind of work is depressing.  Far from it – we get to help people transition to the next chapter of their life and it is wonderful to watch.  We truly love what we do – we can’t imagine doing anything else.

  • We have an absolutely amazing co-parenting coordinator on staff.  The most meaningful work we do – the most important work we do – is the work we do involving children.  Preserving (or in some cases re-building) the parenting relationship is the center of any case involving children.  Years of experience in family law and several parents in the office are a huge help – but nothing beats the expertise of a professional co-parenting coordinator.  For those who haven’t heard of this new age term “co-parenting coordinator” it is a lawyer specially trained by a therapist in helping parents transition from parenting in one household to parenting in two households.  Kristen is an invaluable resource for our clients as they transition into a new phase of their parenting life.  Plus, and this cannot be overstated, Kristen’s years of experience in family law, parenting of two elementary aged children and co-parenting coordination training give our clients an advantage in making excellent parenting choices through the separation and beyond the divorce.  Kristen knows what Judges are looking for from the very best co-parents.

  • Monica and Kristen are both Guardians Ad Litem, these are attorneys assigned to represent the interest of children.  We enjoy representing the interests of children, and we enjoy assisting our clients in knowing exactly what the GAL in their case may be looking for.

  • We have amazing clients.




 An Honest, Loyal, Firecracker of an attorney! Monica fought long and hard for me and my daughter with excellent results.

  • "If you are looking for an attorney who will lie, use unethical tactics, or waver on what is agreed on with you…Monica is Not for You. She tells you the truth, has the highest ethical standards, weighs options with you, keeps you informed, fights like you are family. When she takes you as a client, you become part of a team. Her entire staff is there for you. She is not like any attorney I've had experience with (nor heard of). She returns phone calls, e-mails and provides the support that is SO NEEDED when faced with the unknown, as in a divorce and all the legal mess that is involved. We had Many ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride. But Monica was there thru all the bad days and good, steady unwavering. We fought against extremely difficult "professionals", who dragged the process out almost 3 years, including an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court - Which Monica WON Unanimously! This reference is not exaggerated and I would be happy to speak with anyone who has questions about her integrity and professionalism. The only client who would not be impressed with Monica Hanrahan and team, would be a dishonest one." - R.L.


A Very Well-Rounded Family Law Attorney

  • "Monica has helped me and my family (single father, two children) in family law legal matters for the last seven years. She has always displayed an appropriate level of restraint when necessary, but is very willing to take on a much more assertive role as appropriate while remaining respectful of all parties. Although legal results are often influenced solely by the factual basis in any particular case, I earnestly believe Monica's skill and experience have steered my results towards the best possible outcome." - J.S.


Monica is the best attorney I have ever worked with.

  • "Awesome attorney – and compassionate! Monica is the best attorney I have ever worked with. My ex husband is a very difficult person, and I found it very hard to find the right attorney to work with the craziness that my ex creates. Monica stayed on track with the facts, pursued my rights and my children’s interests to their fullest, and kept dignified in the process. When she speaks the judge listens. She was obviously respected by the decision maker – the judge. She successfully defended retaliatory motions for contempt from my ex and has maintained high levels of child support and alimony for me despite my ex’s attempt to be under employed and skip out on his obligations. Monica rocks – and she is fair in her billing!" -K.J.


Best Decision Ever.

  • "Monica and her team helped me gain custody of my daughter. When I first started the process to gain custody I thought the courts favored leaving children with their mothers. However, Monica explained my rights and helped me feel confident in moving forward. Her and her team helped me through every step and put together a great case. They were readily available and every question or concern was addressed within the business day. Thanks to Monica I now have full custody of my daughter." -B.C.