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HFFL Transgender Pro Bono Project

Max was inspired during one of our days at Court.  Max watched an individual stand in front of a courtroom of people as he changed his name and gender.  The Judge in that particular courtroom was sensitive and appropriate but Max was so inspired by the young man’s bravery.  Max was also struck with how lonely and isolating it must feel to change your name and gender alone, how scary it must be to be unsure if your Judge will be appropriate.  So Max initiated our HFFL gender and name change pro bono project.  


HFFL is going to assist up to 10 individuals a year - across the state of Georgia - in changing their name and gender as they transition.  The legal paperwork to change a name and a gender assignment on official documents is pretty basic for a family lawyer (but a bit complicated for a lay person) - what we offer is a little expertise and a lot of love and support.  


Having a member of our firm family join you at Court and throughout the process is an honor and a pleasure.  We want to assist those brave enough to love their truth and be there so nobody “messes” with out clients!  


Give Bryen a call at 404-381-8655 and be assured you will be treated with the same dignity and respect as all of our clients.  


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