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HF Family Law provides full service support to help you through the divorce process. We can provide guidance to determine if divorce is right for you, what to expect of the process, and what it all means for you and your family.

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Often at the forefront of parent's minds are the implications on their children. We can help you understand how the process will effect them and how to make sure their interests are protected regardless of how you proceed.


Our extensive experience in developing plans for child support, alimony, and property division will make sure your financial security is guarded throughout the process.


We also provide a full range of family planning services. Whether that means helping you through legitimation or adoption of your child, assisting with professional parent consulting service, or planning for your life with pre-nuptual and post-nuptual agreements, our years of experience are here to help you.

2010 - present

Pro Bono

HFFL's Transgender Pro Bono Project is the firms effort to provide free legal services to transgender members of our community as they navigate the legal labyrinth associated with the legal aspects of gender change.

2010 - present

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