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Divorce 101

Should I get divorced?

This question is often at the front of clients' minds when they come to see us.  They haven't decided if divorce is the option for them yet.  Know that if you come and see us we will provide you information but not pressure. This is your life, family, and your process; we are here to assist, but we don't make decisions for you.   We want what you want.  And if that is assistance reconciling your marriage, we are happy to help.  We share space with an amazing marriage and family therapist.  If that is safety planning so you can safely leave an abusive partner, we are happy to help.  If you and your ex have made the decision to divorce and you need help with the  paperwork, we do that too.  Divorce is one of your most major life decisions, affecting every part of your world, so we take it as seriously as you do.  


Alright I'm still not sure I want to get Divorced, but I'm ready to learn more OR I decided a year ago that I was ready to get divorced I want to be divorced yesterday!


Truly, the next step is giving us a call.  Every person and family is unique.  There are tons of websites you can google to get general information on family law in Georgia, but nothing will match meeting with a lawyer and getting advice customized to your own situation.  Our meeting is absolutely confidential.  Nothing we discuss will leave our comfortable conference room unless you would like it to.  You can come and see us in January to get some prelimary information and call us back in June when you feel more ready to take additional steps towards separation.  We are always here for you.  If you are ready to get divorced "last week," come on in and see us, we will expedite the process as much as possible and keep your fees low as you transition to your next step. 



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