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Is there anything more important to a parent that what will happen to their children?  No.  We focus first on the children with every parent who comes to meet with us., and then with everything else  We all know kids are unique, so no one plan is going to be right for every child. We want to know your child or children, and we want to know what you think is best.


We believe exceptional parenting is not defined by gender, sexual oreintation, genetics, treated mental illness or physicl difference.  Exceptional parenting is defined by love and making choices which are in the best interest of the children.  We pass no judgments here.


We have extensive expercience assisting families whose children's have both physical and developmental disabilities.  We have expercience assisting families where parental alientaion is a factor and expercience where severe abuse of a parent and/or child is expercienced or by contrast is wrongly alleged.  We have expercience assiting a family develop a parenting plan when their child is an infant and a parenting plan for when their child is a senior in high school.  We have worked with inter-faith families and families who will be living on different sides of the world.  We have worked with military parents and their unique needs.  We have expercience with the unique needs of children or parents with mental health conditions and we have the sensitivity and desire to learn about your unique family whatever it may be.


Most parents ultimately agree on a plan for their child or children but when they can't, the Judge does it by deciding what "is in the best interests of the child."  A pretty nebulous standard, but one that allows the Judge to consider almost anything that can impact the child.  For our clients for whom a custody dispute becomes inevitable, we will likely have you work with Kristen, our on staff co-parenting counselor.  Kristen is going to guide you in being sure the choices you are making while the case is pending are "right" in the eyes of the Court and for your child.  She is going to be your sounding board and offer you proven techniques for managing your emotions and your ex through this process.  Kristen can simulatneously help you build positive evidence in your favor and record the negative evidence of your ex.  Kristen is also incredibly creative when it comes ot customizing and creating parenting plans that are "outside the box."


We want to know your children and help them have the best of their parents - whatever form that takes for your children.

Monica Speaks About Legitimation

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