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Family Law

Client-focused family law services tailored to fit your needs and personal circumstances. 

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Family Law Mediation backed by over two decades of experience in Georgia.

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Monica has spent her entire legal career as a domestic relations trial attorney. Her first years of practice were at the Atlanta Legal Aid Society assisting victims of domestic violence survive and thrive.  Monica then shifted to private practice at boutique family law firms assisting only high net worth individuals, celebrities, and executives with complex financial circumstances and often very contested custody matters find paths forward for their families. In 2011 Monica opened Hanrahan Freitag Family Law with an eye towards assisting families, with or without custody disputes, get divorced with dignity.  What Monica loves best about her practice is helping people move to their next phase.

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More About Monica

Monica has practiced extensively throughout the Atlanta metro counties and loves her opportunities to practice outside the metro area as well.  With over 20 years of experience every single client and family remains new but Monica gets to bring her extensive experience to every family.  Monica has assisted with cases involving international and interstate custody disputes.  Monica has assisted with cases involving parental alienation and every form of domestic abuse, financial, emotional, physical.  Monica has assisted parties divide their million dollar marital businesses with the use of forensic accountants.  Monica has engaged and worked with experts in the fields of child custody, real estate valuations, pension valuation, and near anything else you can think of.  And all of that knowledge gives her the best perspective to try and find common ground for your family. 

Monica has partnered with companion litigators in all arears of practice because separation sometimes comes paired with bankruptcy, criminal and probate issues.

Monica is a long time trained Guardian ad Litem.  Monica is a domestic relations mediator and arbitrator registered with the State.

Monica is the perfect balance of offbeat and knowledgeable about the rules and norms of the practice areas she has made her home.  Monica grew up blue collar, the very first in her family to go to college.  Monica is comfortable with anybody and puts others at ease during a very stressful time of their life. Monica’s practice has intentionally developed to embrace the LGBTQIA+ community, polyamorous community, swinger community and anyone who may consider themselves a little outside the mainstream.  Monica and her firm are a judgment free zone and you are accepted for exactly where and who you are. 

Monica lives in Atlanta with her husband and son.  They love Halloween, reading, and LEGO.


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